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These are 22mm handmade resin eyeball which is
make the dramatic lifelike doll's face.
We overcome the weakness of resin eyeball that the unclear of the pupil.
And we improve the deep color dramatically than our originals.
It helps you can make the great features to your doll easily.

The resin material are composed with white resin and super clear resin 
which from England, so it can protect the discoloration.
But it can't protect the direct sunlight perfectly, so please be careful.

These are hand-made product, not manufactured.
So they may have some difference with pictures and some roughness.
Please understand it.

Item color on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting. 

IInterchangeable head : DD,MSD,SD size head

eyes size : 22mm

- - - - -

price : USD $15

em01 copy.jpg

em02 copy.jpg

em03 copy.jpg

em04 copy.jpg

em05 copy.jpg

em06 copy.jpg


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