SQ-lab KSG-Ac body (H-26cm) 

SQ-lab KSG(Ko School Girl)-Ac body.

This is the KSG Body which is the second  Ball joint doll by SQLAB.

This model is designed perfect fit to SQLAB head which has animation characteristic style.
They are versatile body, you can attach both of the KSG/KSG-Ac and Yo-SD head directly.
They are gorgeous with slim arms,legs and waist, looks very beautiful.
The arm joint consist with double-joint type, it helps you make the doll with natural pose.

這是SQ LAB第一次制做的ball joint人型娃娃SG身體。
這個身體是很適合於SQ LAB的娃頭上面,很有動畫特點影像。

They can match with not only the KSG /KSG-Acexclusive costume, but also Yo-SD & Yo-SD compatibility size costume.
We prepare 3 color skin tone, REAL SKIN(for SD), NORMAL SKIN(for DD) and WHITE SKIN.
We follow the DD standard normal color. 
And you can choose body painting service by professional artist.
Urethane finish will be perfect protection for beutifeul body painting.

他們不但適合於SQ以外的服裝,還適合於 Yo-SD 的服裝。

Skin color :   Real skin(for SD), Normal skin(for DD), White skin(for DD) 

ksg body size
Height: 26 cm (head included)

Girth of neck         5.2cm   
Girth of chest       12.1 cm
Girth of waist       11.7 cm
Girth of hips       14.2 cm
Width of shoulder    6.5cm

Body length neck-crotch 10.8cm

Body length nape-crotch 8.7cm
Length of arm parts
(shoulder - wrist)   6.8 cm
(shoulder - default hand)   9.8 cm

Girth of thigh   7.8cm
Length of leg parts
(hip - ankle)                         9.5 cm
(hip - foot)                           10.8 cm

Hand parts size : SQ-LAB YHD / Yo-SD hand part  use.

Foot shoes size : Yo-SD shoes size use.

costume size  : KSG/KSG-Ac exclusive costume
Yo-SD compatibility size costume

head compatibility : SQ-lab KSG/KSG-Ac/KSG-L size chibi  head, Yo-SD head.. etc.


#KSG-AC body only :  USD $155

#KSG-AC body & Unpainted default head set(Moe,  Tsubaki , Ren  free select),eyes included(random include) :  USD $200

#KSG-AC body & default face-up head set( default Moe 01, Tsubaki 01 Tsubaki 02 ,Ren 01 , free select),eyes included(free select) :  USD $285

Additional work.

skin painting service :  KSG-AC body(&set) price  + Additional cost USD $120

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You can select any  one set  of eyes in the "Eyes Category"
Face-up is limited with default face-up set which you can click the face-up type detail.