This is handmade elk headband. 
This item will make the doll cuter.
This item is use elastic resin to make, so is suitable for small size Yo-SD to KSG size doll.
nose parts is 3 size include.

These are personal handmade items and not famous maker’s items. But we will do our best to send to 
every customer perfect and completely.
Please consider this point and buy. 

Item color on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting. 

Interchangeable head :  Yo-SD,KSG size head

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price : USD $12
EHY-01.jpg EHY-02.jpg


IMG_5409.JPG IMG_5411.JPG IMG_5412.JPG IMG_5413.JPG IMG_5414.JPG IMG_5424.JPG IMG_5425.JPG IMG_5426.JPG IMG_5428.JPG IMG_5429.JPG IMG_5439.JPG IMG_5442.JPG IMG_5443.JPG IMG_5454.JPG IMG_5465.JPG